Born in Shame is the third book in the trilogy of novels by super-writer Nora Roberts, who seems to have a new book on store shelves every month or so. Shame, part of the Irish Born Trilogy, continues the stories of the Concannon sisters in Ireland.

The first book, Born in Fire, set the series in motion introducing readers to Margaret Mary, Brianna and Shannon. Each book centers on one of the sisters:

Born in Fire: Margaret Mary 

Margaret Mary is the eldest of the Concannon sisters. She is a reclusive, hand-blowing glass with a free spirit personality. She has a true artist temperament that is as fragile as the art she is creates. Her strong opinions tend to get her in trouble. It takes an outsider, gallery owner Rogan Sweeney, to ignite her heart.

Born in Ice: Brianna 

Owner of a bed and breakfast in western Ireland, Brianna fights tough times when a harsh winter prevents guests from staying at her inn. Like her sister, she rather enjoys the solitude until Grayson Thane from the United States shows up. He is a mystery writer and just assumed he’d spend the winter by himself.

Born in Shame: Shannon 

Unlike the first two books, Shame begins in New York, where Shannon works as a graphic artist for an advertising agency. Shannon’s life turns upside down when she finds out that her real father was from Ireland.

Following through on her late mother’s wishes, she travels to meet her half-sisters. An awkward experience for sure. There she also meets Murphy Muldoon, a horse breeder and successful farmer. Oh, and he’s good looking, too. She may never go back to New York!

Roberts began her profession career as legal secretary who was praised for her fast typing but scolded for her bad spelling. After her children were born, she decided to stay home and try her hand at various crafts. It took a blizzard to force her to try something new entirely: writing.

That winter, a whole new world opened up to her through a spiral notebook and a pencil. Roberts is hardly an overnight success story. It took some work, but her first work, Irish Thoroughbred, was born from that new revelation.

Since her first novel, Roberts has written over 150 books with many of them turned into movies. She is well respected by her peers and reviewers alike. Recently, The New Yorker dubbed Roberts as “America’s favorite novelist” and Publishers Weekly says that Roberts “creates exceptional characters whose relationships with each other develop and grow, and live on in the reader’s imagination and heart.” The Los Angeles Daily News describes her as “a word artist, painting her story and her characters with vitality and verve.”

Roberts is the first author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame as well as the first writer to accept their Centennial Award with the publishing of her 100th novel, Montana Sky. Impressively, she is also the recipient of just about every award given to romance writing, including the Romance Writers of America National Conference where she was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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