So far I’ve made 2 lunches, braved traffic, answered three calls, scheduled two play dates, paid a bill, returned four emails and made an outline for my writing schedule. It’s only six am. I shudder to think about the next 8 hours. (Well, 16 hours, because who am I kidding? It doesn’t get easier when my car pulls into the driveway after work. Those kids launch on me like a pit bull on a steak.)


Wait, with everything I have done, and will do, what haven’t I done?


Yeah, um… that whole “I’m going to get up first thing in the morning and read the Bible thing?” Didn’t happen.

I can come up with a myriad of reasons, but the truth is, I just got overwhelmed with the craziness of life. I’m human, so I don’t feel too guilty about it. But the truth is, as a human, I simply can’t do it all myself. The whole point of being Christian is to get some super human strength to hold me up during the nutty times.

I recall the words of a wise speaker I heard once through CBS Bible study. If I don’t work on that relationship with God, I’m not going to have a great relationship. Without a solid relationship, feelings of insecurity, doubt and restless will invade my soul.

But let him ask in faith, without any doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven by the wind and tossed.James 1:6

I’m familiar enough with this cycle that you’d think I’d be more vigilant about my spiritual life. But if we’re being honest here, sometimes when things are going well, I think I don’t need Jesus. I mean, I wouldn’t actually say that.  But my actions? Oh yeah. Those are loud and clear.

So here’s the new plan. Rather than aim for perfection (whatever that means) how about I aim for realistic Monday – Friday schedule that revitalizes my relationship with God? Less pressure means I’ll more likely accomplish it. Can we say “Peace for 500?”

Here are my 10 goals toward feeling less overwhelmed and more grounded!

  1. Shower the night before: It’s a serene way to get ready for bed, less hectic in the morning, plus I can pray there. I might be annoyed with my thighs, but I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit doesn’t care.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep: Resting in Jesus is important, but it’s easier to remember to do this when I sleep in my own bed. More sleep means more efficiency and better feelings of wellbeing! I’m doing it!
  3. Pray with my spouse: My husband is not a prayer guy. He’s actually not even Christian. But by praying with him for two minutes, I can verbalize out loud how thankful I am for him. It also gives God the opportunity to soften his unbelieving heart. And the best part? I get to lead by example, too. Yeah, me! 
  4. Listen to something spiritual on the way to work: After starting with a quick prayer, I intend to take 30 minutes of my hour drive to listen to something inspiring. Creflo Dollar? Joyce Meyer? This great CD by Aaron Niequist? Whatever puts my mind on Jesus and not on my challenges.
  5. 15 minutes of Bible reading before the computer turns on: Rather than launch right into my emails, my writing or my campaigns at work, I am going to first read my Bible. 15 minutes won’t change a thing at 6:30am. Being grounded will reshape my whole day.
  6. Be a Light: No one is asking me to be perfect at work or at home. But as someone once told me, “You might just be the only Bible anyone ever reads.” How do I deal with difficult situations, people or stress? The same way Jesus would – with compassion, empathy and some strong boundary setting. It also means getting real with my flaws, my mistakes, and my responsibilities.
  7. Say no: The highest form of love I can give my boss, co-workers, families and friends is to say “no.” It doesn’t mean not knocking my socks off, but it means setting realistic goals for folk so I’m not disappointing them down the line.
  8. Community: I am nothing without my community of believers. I’m currently participating in a weekly group that helps me lean into Jesus rather than my own fears. It makes all the difference.
  9. Time Management: To accomplish #8, I have to really be diligent about my calendar. This means I can’t do everything I want in one week. Either can my kids. Either can my husband because he gets to watch my kids. It’s okay, because they get to learn to give to me. And what they get back is a more focused and balanced mom who has had some spiritual rest.
  10. Rest: Besides 8 hours of sleep, I aim to leave Sundays open just for family. I don’t do this to be a Bible thumper so much as I need unhurried time to sit at my table, play a full game of Monopoly, take a walk or just feel the tickle of my daughter’s feet on my feet as we finish the second book in the Anne of Green Gables series. I need to stop striving so God can do his job.

Leave a comment: What do you think of this list? What are you planning on doing to rest in Jesus more?

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