May the path of Life today find you easily.
May your steps be lit with clarity and courage
and the very earth be grace.
May your ears hear the song of your own true Story
that compels you those few more steps today
toward your destiny.
May your thoughts be rich in stillness
and the insight that comes from unhurried contemplation.
May they gravitate toward Truth, and follow it
as the eye follows a candle in the dark.
And in those moments when busyness and distraction cast a fog across your path,
May you remember your voice
and raise it up to pierce Resistance until it is dispersed
and the clarity of Life has once again returned.
May you know love today.
May you know joy today.
May peace guard your heart today.
May courage rise in you today
to carry you deeper into God.
May you know the intimacy of his breath upon your neck
as he whispers his deliverance in your ear
and sets you free.

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