Of course, whisking off on a whim to the romance of the French Riviera, the hillsides of Italy, or a cruise sounds amazing; but, you don’t have to go to that extreme to enjoy the best getaways to celebrate your spouse. All it takes to create the perfect, personalized getaway is to make this time all about them.

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband. Ephesians 5:33

Before you make any plans, stop and think about your husband or wife’s favorite hobbies.

Don’t worry that Spouse’s Day was Jan. 26 … make it Spouse’s week and focus on your significant other like no other!

Does he like to watch or play sports, ride a bicycle or hike nature trails? Does she love to browse for antiques or capture her surroundings through the lens of a camera?

Consider these getaways to enjoy together or to send your spouse off on for some quiet time alone:

  • The Bicyclist – Does he or she enjoy riding bicycles on a scenic trail? Look for bike trails in your state. Some states have bike trails that extend across the entire state. Others have trails that ride along shorelines or mountainsides. Set up a week-long bike trip with planned stops at campgrounds or bed and breakfast overnights along the way. Or, just plan an afternoon away on your favorite bike path.
  • The Nature Lover – Even those who don’t typically find beauty in nature will admit that a view overlooking the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls is breathtaking enough to put everyday life into perspective, and it makes a great getaway to reflect. If time and finances allow, make it your ambition to get away to each of the National Parks. Otherwise, pack a picnic lunch and head for your favorite local green space, river, ocean or lake.
  • The Antique Lover – Take a step back in time and reminisce together, or send her on a dream antique shopping trip. Find a location that has at least one main street filled with antique shops. Or, scour the papers for some great estate sales and make a weekend out of browsing, buying and reliving old times.
  • The Book Lover – For a book lover, any cozy nook seems like a trip outside of time. Make his or her getaway extra special by making reservations at your spouse’s favorite hotel. Send him or her off in style with a couple books he or she has been wanting to read. Unless the two of you enjoy reading side by side, this is the kind of getaway that would be better spent alone. Allow your spouse this much needed quiet time away.
  • The Sports Lover – For sports lovers, a perfect getaway just might mean sitting inside a crowded stadium watching their favorite sports team. Or, it could mean an afternoon on the golf course alone. Whatever your time and budget allow, make it a getaway to remember. If it’s a trip to a big game, hopefully, to make the time even sweeter, his or her favorite team will come away a winner.
  • The Photography Lover – Load your spouse up with freshly charged batteries, a close-up lens and some time away in a scenic environment. Unique architecture, an event with colorful hot air balloons, or a quiet mountain cabin just could be the best getaway ever. Top it off with a trip to an art museum, and your spouse will be revitalized with new inspiration.
  • The Beach Lover – Many people fall into the category of wanting to spend a getaway as a beach bum, but some people just can’t stop dreaming of visiting the beach as an ideal getaway. If this describes your spouse, find the closest beach you can afford and head for some time away on sandy shores.
  • The Mountain Lover – If overlooking the world from a mountain view makes your spouse smile, breathe deeply and sigh, then pack up and head out for some time in the hills. Aim for a Pike’s Peak experience, but don’t worry if Colorado mountains are too far or too pricey. There are hilly landscapes and mountainsides across America that will fit your needs.
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