This is Day 24 of the 30 Days of Giving: Making Christmas Meaningful campaign, which is designed to bring the community creative and practical ways to cheerfully give this holiday season through gifts, relationships and charity. Come visit the 30 Days of Giving Advent Calendar each day in our countdown to Christmas for intriguing and original ways to help you to experience and spread the spirit of joyful giving that God intended throughout the holiday season.

Although we know our strength is from God, we also know that we are created to perform labor (whether cleaning the house, running after kids or building an office complex), live healthy lives and equip ourselves for carrying out God’s purpose for our lives. Without some form of exercise, we are tired, our muscles atrophy and we lack the fortitude to face life.

Proverbs 20:29 (NKJV) says, “The glory of young men is their strength …” while Proverbs 31:17 talks about the perfect woman who “girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms.

The gift of health is the best Christmas gifts you can give. The fastest way to overcome the stress in a busy life is to incorporate regular exercise in the daily or weekly routine.

For the friend or family member who wants to develop an exercise routine, these exercise equipment gifts are some of the best. Whether the person you are gifting wants to go to a gym, exercise at home or find a way to exercise with babies and / or toddlers, these are the best motivational exercise helpers you can find.

Polar heart rate monitor

People who work out at a gym monitor their heart rate by placing their hands on the equipment’s heart rate monitor every few minutes. For individuals who exercise in their homes or at a track, the 10-second pulse test is cumbersome when staying in motion. The Polar heart rate monitor eliminates the need to check the heart rate. The simple-to-wear watch and heart rate receptor belt displays the heart rate during the entire exercise routine.

Monitoring the heart rate ensures that the time spent exercising is as effective as possible. It also helps avoid over exertion that can defeat people who want to exercise. To find your target heart rate multiple your age by 70 percent and subtract the result from 208, then take the remainder times 75 percent for your maximum target heart rate. Too high and you will wear out, too low and you will not see the result you desire.   

Wii Fit Plus         

Starting an exercise program using Wii Fit is fun and challenging. Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus create a “Mii” which reflects your fitness level, BMI and age. If you are overweight, the “Mii” will be plump, and sometimes older than you actually are. As you progress in your fitness level and weight loss, your “Mii” will shrink.

The Wii Fit Plus goes a step further, displaying the calories burned during the workout, and offering food choices to help you reach your weight loss goal. Forbes online says “Fitness videogames might be able to keep players in shape – but not if they don’t play them.” The Wii Fit Plus will get you into better shape, it fun for the whole family, and helps parents supply the daily exercise kids need.

Jogging stroller

New moms and parents with small children will love the jogging stroller. There is no need to try to find a babysitter; the kids can sit comfortably while mom and dad work up a sweat. The jogging stroller is designed for balance and safety, with plenty of room for diapers, Sippy cups and water bottles. The handle will hold an iPod, towel and water bottle to keep parents motivated and hydrated.

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