David and I found one another on ChristianMingle in the beginning of August 2013. We were cautious in emailing each other at first, and mainly shared factual information — church and prayer concerns. However, within two weeks, we decided to meet.

The day we met in mid-August was filled with an exploratory meeting for Chinese food and then we spent the rest of the day and evening talking. As we prepared to part, we agreed to a goodnight kiss that I can only liken to the finale of fireworks! David said it was comparable to having his finger in a 220 light socket. 

David and I met each other’s relatives and friends and took turns attending each other’s churches. We met as much as possible over the next six weeks; talking and enjoying day trips and simple past-times together. Wherever we went, couples and individuals continually asked us how we met, and we joyfully told them that we had found one another on ChristianMingle. Each time we spent together confirmed for both of us how alike we were, and how deep our love was growing. On October 12th, we got engaged, and we are planning our wedding for February 2014!

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