If you believe in God, then you believe in miracles. You, yourself, are a walking miracle. As such, you’ve no choice but to believe that miracles do happen.

And, of course, we know dreams really do come true. We see them manifest every single day. When we work for something we want, pursue it without fear and persevere, regardless of the obstacles, we achieve our dreams.

Therefore, there’s no reason to think dreams and miracles don’t apply to dating, love and marriage. So, believe in make-believe. Have faith in fairy tales. And, if you find yourself needing reasons to do so, read a little further.

1. You Deserve It

First and foremost, you deserve the fairy tale, miracle and dream-come-true. But it’s not enough to read it. You need to believe it.

Most people settle in life and love simply because they do not believe they deserve the dream and fear they will never achieve or receive it. But God wants us to be patient, have faith and learn from the experiences that precede it. After all, those experiences grow and prepare us for the miracle.

2. You’re Doing The Work

If you’re embracing the experiences and doing your part to learn from them, then it’s not a matter of if you’ll receive your miracle. It’s a matter of when.

Of course, it is vital to do the hard work on yourself to be sure you are preparing yourself for the dream that God is already sending your way. If you are doing the work, you are letting God know you are preparing and aware you are deserving and willing to receive.

3. You Are A Prince (Or Princess), Too

If you’re on a journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution, you’re the dream-come-true in training for someone else. You’re not just waiting for that fairy tale match to rescue you; you are a prince (or princess), too.

You are precious, and you are the fairy tale ending designed for someone else. If you believe in the miracle that is you, then you must believe there is another out there for you. YOU are a miracle, so a miracle awaits you.

So, release the fear that seeks to destroy your faith. Block the negative energy that attempts to sabotage your ability to believe. Love is the opposite of these, and it can conquer anything, including fear and negativity. More importantly, love can manifest any dream ever imagined.

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