This morning I was reading 1 Chronicles 28 where David is encouraging Solomon about his responsibility to be the one to build the Temple.  Chapter 28 & 29 are a fascinating look into David’s heart as a leader who is replacing himself.  It’s a case study in transferring trust and authority to a new leader. It’s leadership pipeline work at it’s finest!

Today, what got my attention were the multiple times in Chapter 28 where David tells Solomon, ” Be strong and do the work.”

David doesn’t describe this cushy, lap of luxury type of leadership scenario. He tells him be strong and get the job done!

When God calls us to something big, he isn’t calling us to something easy.

I think sometimes we can get lulled into believing that leadership is glamorous.  It’s not.  While leaders generally do live in the spotlight, it’s more like a bright fluorescent beacon illuminating all of our flaws and weaknesses rather than a soft, radiant, flattering glow.

David’s challenge to Solomon is a strong one: “Be strong and do the work”!

It will be tough.

It will be challenging.

It may be lonely.

It may be exhausting.

But He will be with you.

“Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.” v20

Are you facing something big that God has called you to?  Are you overwhelmed, tired or discouraged?

I’m praying that God reminds you today that He is with you!

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