I joined ChristianMingle 2 years ago in July. I had used other dating websites and realized the people they matched me with were not at all what I wanted. I met and went on a few dates with several guys. Some I liked and wanted to continue dating, but the feeling was not mutual.

I stumbled across a profile on ChristianMingle and I stared at his picture for a good 5 minutes, debating whether to contact him or not. I didn’t. Luckily, he contacted me after seeing I viewed his profile! Andrew and I talked only a day before deciding to meet up. We had a great time but I wasn’t sure he was interested. We went out a few times and decided to stay friends. I dated another guy who I met on the site and tried to hook him up with my friend. We didn’t date long before I realized I made the wrong choice. Andrew and I have now been dating for a year and eight months.

On Easter Sunday, Andrew proposed and we will be getting married November 2, 2013! I would have never met Andrew if not for ChristianMingle. He has proven to me that gentlemen still exist!  I am thankful every day that I logged onto ChristianMingle because I found a wonderful man and my daughter now can finally have a dad!

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