Jefferson Bethke talks with his hands. I mean, alot. But maybe that’s his secret – the more hand flapping, the stronger the message. And I’m gonna be honest with you all: It’s hard to hear Bethke speak without hearing something powerful.

For those of you who don’t come from an Italian family and can’t deal with the mobster motions, shut your eyes and just hear him speak. His message is just as powerful.

In this poetry slam (Oh, man, did I say poetry slam a-la-hipster Bible thumper? Yes I did, daddy o’s) listen to his wrap about dating, sex and fairy tales. In it, he reminds us that if we don’t have a marriage or relationship like the movies, that’s perfectly fine. Because guess what? We live in real life.

This 3 minute poem has over 3 million views on Youtube and is still climbing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here’s an excerpt from it.

So for the singles

Become friends first

Before you become lovers

Pursue Jesus as your foundation

Before you get under the covers

Because believe me, 

A strong friendship before marriage

Will make a good marriage after 

Marriage isn’t just sex

It’s conversation and laughter

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