My name is April and I joined ChristianMingle sometime around April of 2011. I had a profile on another dating website and wasn’t having much luck. One evening, I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and whining about how lonely I was when my aunt called. She said she had seen a commercial on TV for a dating website called ChristianMingle and thought I should give it a try. I found myself once again setting up a profile on another dating website with not much hope of anything coming out of it, but I decided to give it a try.  I put my profile out there and just waited. On May 3, 2011, I was looking at the website and saw a picture of Scott. He looked kind of familiar and really sparked my interest so I sent him a note. We chatted for a couple days then ended up meeting on Friday, May 6, 2011.

I met Scott and one of his 9 year old daughters for coffee. We hit it off right away and decided to go to lunch. Then, he went home to get his other daughter from school and took both daughters to his mother’s.  We went to dinner that same night and have been inseparable ever since. I told him at our first meeting that I had been kissing too many frogs and not finding my prince.  He looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes and croaked like a frog! I knew at that moment I had found my prince that I was going to marry. We have wedding plans in motion for next summer and I’m looking forward to spending a lifetime with my frog prince!

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