Many people have asked Larry and I how we met and fell in love. I have thought of many ways to tell or explain our story, but all I can say is go God!

We met on ChristianMingle. At first we weren’t looking for what the other one had to offer…I had never been married and did not have children, while Larry was divorced with two children. So, we overlooked one another. Larry took the first step and contacted me, but I was hesitant. Thankfully, I decided to just email him and see what happened. A month later we decided to meet as we had really gotten to know one another through emails. We believed that in one meeting we would know if there was chemistry. Well, the chemistry was definitely there! We were both instantly attracted to each other and deeply enjoyed talking and getting to know each other even more.

That’s how it started. As time has gone on we have found running as a combined interest, we worship at the same church, and pray with and for each other. We both enjoy visiting places in the city and trying new things. Most importantly, we laugh together…a lot.

It was not long after dating, that Larry and I knew God had brought us into each others lives for a purpose. The first of that being, we are getting married! On September 8, 2011, Larry proposed in a very sweet and tender way by sharing photos of our summer together with his boys. Of course, I said YES as I knew he was the man that God had for me.

We were married on November 26th with family and a few friends surrounding us, sure that God is only beginning His plan in our lives. I am now a step-mom to two amazing boys, and the wife to the man of my dreams.

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