Free apps for the iPhone, iPad or Android are always nice to find. Discover one that is in line with the Christian lifestyle because the combination of free and faith-centered is remarkable.

God instructed believers to keep His Word close by as they go through life:

Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.Deuteronomy 11:18, KJV

Modern technology makes it easy to always have helpful tools on hand to enhance the Christian walk and to always be ready in helping others stay focused on the truth.

Perhaps the most desired app for the Christian is a Bible app. Not only does a Bible app put God’s Word literally at your fingertips, but it makes it easier to transport the Scriptures to and from church and Bible study groups.

Bible apps are usually more than just a free download of the complete Bible in a variety of versions. Often, they include commentaries, maps and other tools that allow for deep Bible studies as well. Some of the most popular free Bible apps include:

You Version Bible for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry – This app allows you to read, study, highlight, bookmark and even compare two versions side-by-side.
Bible Reader by Olive Tree for iPhone, iPad or Blackberry – This app provides study help, such as maps and commentaries, and allows for highlighting and bookmarking passages.
ESV Bible by Crossway for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – This app does not require an internet connection after download. With internet, however, this Bible app allows you to read, take notes and even post passages to Twitter.
Touch Bible for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – This app allows for quick verse location with the “Dial-a-Verse” feature and is available without internet connection, making it a nice free Bible download for the iPod Touch.

Sometimes a quick pick-me-up verse of the day is all that is needed for a moment of inspiration. The following free apps do the trick:

Daily Bible Inspirations for iPhone or iPad
Daily Bible Verses for Android
Verse-A-Day Bible Verses for Android
Verse-A-Day: Daily Bible Verses by iDelata for iPhone and iPad
Bible Memory Verses by Woody Hays for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Texts From Jesus by Catloaf Software, LLC for iPhone and iPad

Christian books are also a nice way to stay inspired. Apps like Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Logos Bible Software, also for Android, make Christian eBook reading a breeze.

Prayer is a huge part of the Christian walk. The following free apps help to encourage a prayerful attitude throughout daily life:

Instapray for iPhone or Android
Christian Prayer Journal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Prayer Prompter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Pocket Prayer Pro (Lite) – Prayer Journal for Christian for iPhone

Another area of the Christian lifestyle includes music. If there is a local Christian radio station nearby, most have their own app to download for free music streaming. If not, K-LOVE, BBN Christian Radio or Today’s Christian Music are some great options.

Raising kids in a Christian household means seeking out opportunities to present the Gospel in an enjoyable way. Free apps are a fun way to do this, and here are a few of the most popular free apps for kids:

Bible Coloring Book for iPhone
Superbook Kid’s Bible by The Christian Broadcasting Network
4Soils Bible Heroes and Life of Jesus 
Children’s Bible for Android
The Beginner’s Bible for iPhone
Nest Family Apps
Weeblets VeggieTales for iPhone and iPad

Inspirational programming, like that found on God TV, encourages believers. Take God TV with you to watch worship event streams, programming and inspiring videos. Now, you can receive inspiration on the go with this God TV mobile app for the iPhone, with a version for the Android expected to be released soon.

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