Contentment is my One Word pursuit this year.

And as I journey towards contentment I repeatedly have to face my anxious heart.

Typically anxiety accompanies the weight of responsibility I feel.  And usually I’m feeling so responsible because I’ve begun to try to control it all instead of remembering it’s all God’s.  It’s not mine.  I’m just a steward.

What I’m really responsible for is to be faithful. I’m not responsible for the outcomes. I’m responsible for being faithful to my part.

I must repeatedly remind myself to live with open hands gently holding the things that God has given me to steward.  Not giving into the urge to clutch them with a death grip and assume all control, nor to throw up my hands in exasperation or indifference.  Open hands that are sensitive to be guided by God’s direction for my life.

Contentment is an unusual place where responsibility meets restfulness.  Responsibility for our part, but resting in His.

May I not be anxious, just faithful.

When do you feel the most discontent?  When do you feel the most content?

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