On May 5, 2013, Anne and I began writing to each other on ChristianMingle. In a matter of days, we both realized something very serious was taking place between us. As our correspondence continued, we decided to use our personal e-mail addresses and in less than a week, we knew we were deeply in love. We still had to decide how we were going to meet as she lived in Surrey B.C. and I lived in Moncton N.B. I decided to include my phone number in one of my emails and in less than a half an hour, the phone rang. You can guess who was sitting beside it like a mother hen guarding her chicks!

We talked for a full hour. After that, it was an hour call every night. We got into each other’s hearts at once and decided we had to meet somehow. I decided to buy an airline ticket to B.C. Before the trip, we were both full of anxiety and anticipation because of our meeting. We spied each other about the same time and I’m sure a Christmas tree could not be brighter! We hugged for several minutes.

That evening, I told her she was mine and we were about to get engaged and so the next morning, I gave her a gold bracelet and told her this was our engagement ring. The following day, we talked and agreed that we would get married soon.

Shortly after I arrived home, I missed her like crazy and wanted her to come to N.B as soon as she could purchase a ticket. She arrived in N.B. on the fifth of July. We filled out all the necessary papers and certifications, reserved a date for the reception, and were married on July 14, 2013. To date we both are as much in love as we were when we first met. 

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