I cancelled my membership on ChristianMingle.com due to the fact that I met someone on the site and we started dating. Come to find out, that someone is now my husband! We were married January 26, 2013!

As I said, I met Shawn on ChristianMingle. Although we have been living in the same small town for over 10 years, we had never met each other! We even went to the same high school and had the same circle of friends but we were attending different churches. Even though we crossed paths, we needed a computer to actually meet each other.

I had been divorced for three years and not seriously looking for a relationship. I had put the matter into God’s hands. I had gone on what I call four “bad first dates” during the three years I was divorced and I was really feeling like there wasn’t any man out there who cared to understand the world from a Christian perspective.

Then I met Shawn, who has an amazing story. Shawn is completely inspirational to me. He was involved in a construction accident in 2007 and was completely paralyzed. He is classified medically as a C-4 quadriplegic. By all medical reasoning, he was supposed to die the day that accident occurred, but instead, he found a new lease on life. The doctors told his mother that he would never come out of the coma and he would be a vegetable forever. When he woke up, they said he would never get out of bed. When he got out of of bed, they said he would always be in a wheelchair. And now he walks – with a limp and a cane, but he walks – no wheelchair and no walker! Shawn gives all of the healing credit to God and acknowledges that God saved more than his physical life the day of the accident. There were areas in his life that needed fixing and healing and there were some things that Shawn needed to change. Shawn said that for a few years he didn’t understand why God didn’t heal him completely, especially because he knows that God could if He wanted to, but then he realized that if God had completely healed him, he would have gone right back to who he was and he wouldn’t have become the person that God wanted him to be.

Shawn is the kind of person who appreciates being alive. I have my struggles and I have had my hard times, but when I want to start complaining, I look at him and he inspires me to be my best. He never complains about anything and he has every reason to. He’s wonderful!

The funny thing is that he says I am the one who inspires him. He says that I am the strong one in the relationship and that I motivate him to be the best that he can be. I think that it’s because where he leaves off, I pick up and vice versa. We really complement each other. It was amazing and a blessing for all to be able to see Shawn WALK his bride down the aisle after the ceremony!

So it turns out that I am very glad that I was curious enough to make an account on ChristianMingle.com! Thank you!

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