We met February 13, 2011 and on our first date we went to Qdoba and a movie. Soon after, Lucas invited me to his church in Astoria, NY where he was on the worship team. I was really impressed, especially as I was on the worship team at my church and this (being on a worship team) was something that I asked God for in a mate. It wasn’t a mandatory thing for me, but having grown up with a love for music and worship, I saw it as a sign from God that Lucas and I were meant to be together. Going to Lucas’ church was a big deal because it was pretty small and everyone knows each other. Even though it was a Brazilian church, he made me feel included in his community. Lucas is from Brazil and I am from New York, but despite our cultural and personality differences, our faith in Christ really solidified our relationship.

Lucas was always a gentleman, and he was the only guy I met on this site (or ever) that wanted to pray to see if this courtship was from God and if we were truly meant to get married. We prayed and fasted for a couple months before officially dating; we both had been in serious relationships before and didn’t want to proceed if it wasn’t ordained from God. After deciding to move forward, we met each other’s families as that was also very important to us, and their approval was another sign from God that we were meant to get married. He even passed my dad’s test, and as a pastor he actually helped officiate our wedding!

There are many reasons why I fell in love with Lucas, but one of the main reasons is that he helped renew my faith in God and men after some terrible experiences. I know he isn’t perfect, but because I was so sure about him, I said yes when he proposed to me six months after dating in October 2011. We got married on July 4, 2012. Now we live in Levittown with our cocker spaniel Luna and our beautiful baby girl Layla who is now 10 months old. God has blessed us with an amazing house, family and life. Thank you, ChristianMingle, for your contribution to helping us meet as we never would have otherwise crossed paths.

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