We’re writing to share how ChristianMingle has been the catalyst for an incredible love story about a boy whose heart had been greatly broken and who longed for an incredible love, and a girl who never thought she could find that same incredible love… a girl who never thought she’d find a man who could truly fit her; but God had great plans for them both. In January 2014 they met on ChristianMingle, were engaged six months later, and will be married on January 17, 2015… which is exactly one year from the day the boy asked the girl on the their first date!
Jim (the boy) had been through the heartbreaking end of a marriage and subsequent divorce, and the whole process really made him question his ability to trust anyone again. However, there are enough great examples of marriage around him to know that love is a risk worth taking.
Anita (the girl), who was 38-years-old and never married, questioned whether she could find a man that she could truly love; someone she could truly feel safe and secure with, who fit her in a way where all the pieces just went together perfectly.  But she wanted to give God a chance…
After just two weeks on ChristianMingle, Jim was about to give up, but saw Anita’s profile on page 18 of a search and reached out to her. Incidentally, Anita had just signed up two days before! The rest will soon be history. 
The proposal is an awesome story in itself!  Jim & Anita both work in the Christian music industry.  Jim has been Michael W. Smith’s Musical Director and keyboard player for over 18 years.  Anita has been Tammy Trent’s Ministry Coordinator for over 11 years.  Michael just hosted an Alaskan Cruise and filled the ship with over 1400 people.  Michael invited Anita to be a guest of Jim’s on this incredible trip, and on Tuesday night after his concert, Michael turned the stage over to Jim, who introduced a video he created about their dating relationship.  As the video ended, Jim walked over to Anita (who was sitting in the audience), handed her a bouquet of roses, bent down on one knee and proposed.  What an incredible moment, witnessed by hundreds of people, including family and friends!

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