Derek had been on ChristianMingle for a couple months and I had been on for about a week before we started chatting. We immediately felt a connection through our conversation. Our first phone call was on January 1, 2013. We hit it off right away! Just the sound of his voice made me fall for him! We talked for about an hour while I was driving home from a New Year’s celebration and afterwards, we planned to meet up in person.

Our first date was a blast! It was an all day date and started with me giving him a personal training session at 6am (which made him almost throw up!). It ended at an incredible restaurant after an entire day’s worth of fun activities. We haven’t gone one day without seeing each other since!

The moment I met Derek, I knew he was the man for me. I never used to believe in “love and first sight” or “you know when you know”, but when I saw him, I knew. God has continually confirmed within me that He created Derek for me and that I was created for Derek. Sure it’s not cheesecake and pies all the time.  We definitely have our moments of dirt, but God is so good to us and we believe that He has an incredible story planned out for us!

Derek proposed in March while he was tucking me into bed for the night. Our wedding is July 20th and   our families are both ecstatic for this union!

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