My daughter was getting ready to head off to college when I decided to rejoin the dating scene. I had not dated in about ten years and was very nervous about the process. Although I didn’t have a clue of how to even start, I got bold and decided to sign up for ChristianMingle!

When I first met Bryant on the site, we emailed each other a few times than decided to meet for lunch. I literally could not catch my breath because not only was he handsome but he was also such a humble and honest man. Afterward, I thought I blew the lunch date.
I was so upset until I got a phone call from him asking me out for dinner the same night! We have been together ever since, thanking God every day for second chances in life!

It’s so amazing how ChristianMingle matched Bryant and me up. Bryant is a fireman and I work in the health industry so we have a lot in common. We feel like we have been together forever and have so much fun. It seems like all we do is laugh!

Recently, we got married! We didn’t have a ceremony or anything at this time due to finances, but we plan on doing something soon to celebrate! I will be forever grateful to ChristianMingle for giving me confidence in finding my true love! We would have never met if it wasn’t for ChristianMingle! I feel like the most blessed woman ever! Thank you so much for having a place where real people can feel safe and find the love of their life!

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