Ryan and I met on ChristianMingle on March 23, 2013, when he sent me a message. Our first date was on April 18th and the story of our relationship began from there. Ryan was severely injured while serving in the Marine Corp in 1998. During a training exercise, a man that was roughly 40 feet above Ryan fell on top of him. Although Ryan doesn’t recall the event, he caught the man and saved his life. Ryan had several crushing injuries and now suffers from a rare medical condition called, “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.” He has several other health conditions due to his injury; however, the TOS is the most debilitating illness. He’s had multiple surgeries and most recently had an invasive surgery in December to remove a rib, along with several other neck and chest muscles, to help alleviate his TOS symptoms.

I am a pediatric oncology nurse and my heart aches for all that he goes through. I feel completely honored to be actively involved in his medical care.

Ryan believed that he would not find someone that would look past his physical limitations and conditions. We grew in our relationship with each other, with Christ as our foundation and belief that God will bring healing to his body. Ryan tells me of how I saved him, but I also believe that he saved me. Prior to meeting Ryan, I became content that although I desired to be a wife and mother, God may have other plans for my life. Little did I know that the countless years of prayer and trusting in God would eventually bless me with Ryan.

Ryan and I were married in January and are now expecting our first child. We feel very blessed to be united in Christ as husband and wife, and even more blessed to be pregnant. 

We want to encourage the many single Christians who are longing to be married that God will truly fulfill His promise. Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 37:4 are living proof of my relationship with Ryan, and should be an inspiration for many singles who feel discouraged that they will never meet their spouse.  Ryan and I feel very blessed and thankful for ChristianMingle, but we know that it was God’s plan all along to bring us together.

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