My sister created an account for me because she thought I needed to date. I didn’t have time to date, nor did I even have interest in dating. I had the account for years; at times I would look at the different profiles. I never really was that interested so many times I just quit emailing.

On the day I decided to close my account I noticed a young man at a gas station. Something kept telling me to go to I didn’t even remember my log in information because it had been so long. After I received my login information and logged in, I noticed Jacob’s profile. It looked just like the young man I had seen that morning. I looked at his profile and noticed he worked for the same company as the young man I had noticed earlier. I sent him a ‘Smile’ and he responded to it. We began to email each other.

After a few weeks we began to text each other, and now, on May 7, 2015, we are getting married. I guess I can tell my sister “thank you” for signing me up.

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