I joined ChristianMingle February 4, 2012 in hopes to find love based on a mutual belief in and love of God. I believe that each relationship needs to have a foundation starting with God and that’s what I was looking for. I wanted my partner to share in my faith and by beginning a relationship through ChristianMingle, I knew that I would find someone who would share my values.

On February 22nd, I received a brief email from John, stating how he liked my page and that he wanted to get to know me better. After looking at his profile, I couldn’t help but find myself smiling at everything I read and at the pictures I saw of him. I knew right away that I wanted to get to know him better as well, and hopefully in time, we would meet. I replied with some information and we went back and forth with a few emails. I eventually just gave him my phone number, which I never do, so that we could text. After a few moments, I got a text from him and that is when it all began! We began to text day and night.

John asked to meet me on February 26th. It felt like we had already known each other for weeks, not days. We met for a car show and neither of us could stop smiling and talking. Our date consisted of walking around seeing all the new cars and then getting food at a local Mexican restaurant by my house.

John and I had an instant connection. I didn’t want the date to end, and I don’t think he did either. I invited him over after dinner to watch a movie and our conversations never stopped. After John left that night, I knew that I needed to see him again, and soon! We planned for him to come over that Thursday evening for dinner. It was perfect. Once again, the conversations just flowed. Getting to know everything about each other was awesome. That night when John left, I sent a text to my mom saying, “I will marry that guy someday.” Not knowing him yet, she of course thought I was a bit crazy but I knew deep down that love at first sight must exist.

On July 3rd after 4 months of dating, I went outside to get the mail and to my surprise there was a ring in my mailbox. I looked up and John was on his knee asking “Will you marry me?” I, of course, said “YES!” John is a mailman for a living, so having him to purpose the way that he did felt amazing and very cute, to say the least.

John and I are currently planning our big day, which is going to be September 21, 2013. Since we both come from very large families, we are expecting around 300 guests! Neither of us can wait and even though we have only known each other for almost a year, he is my best friend and we do everything together.

If it weren’t for ChristianMingle, I don’t think I would have ever met John. I cannot thank you enough for making my dreams come true. We cannot wait for the day to be husband and wife, and shortly after, we will begin growing our family. We will raise our children knowing how important God is. Without God and ChristianMingle, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are so blessed.

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