Jack and I met on ChristianMingle the end of July 2012. I knew he was serious when he came to meet me at my church during Vacation Bible School on August 1st. We then went to a little Mexican restaurant for appetizers and talked for hours. We talked for so long, that we before we knew the place was closing down! It was evident that Jack and I had a strong connection. A few days later, we had our next date which included dinner and a walk around at the beach. The more we talked, the more we realized we knew some of the same people! For example, his cousin is my hair dresser!

I had decided that I was going to take things slow, but we were really drawn to each other and I truly believe that our union was ordained from above. He had gone through a really bad divorce and his former wife had moved their children to another state. I had been divorced for nearly 10 years and had given up hope. I had also lost my mama earlier that year and we really just needed each other. He was an answer to 10 years of prayer! Our friendship blossomed and we just flipped for each other. Jack proposed on November 5th and our wedding date is February 16, 2013. We are so thankful that ChristianMingle provided an avenue for our meeting!

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