Finding yourself single again can sometimes bring about a great sense of fear – fear of the unknown, the what-ifs and (of course) being alone.

However, if we have faith in God, we do not give fear power. As such, the unknown is a welcome mystery to be explored, the what-ifs are an exciting adventure and being alone doesn’t have to equate to being lonely. And of course, we must remember that we are never truly alone in this world. Not only do we have other human beings with which we share a spiritual connection all around us, we also have God.

There are beautiful opportunities in the experience of being alone with oneself, one of which is strengthening our spirituality and connection to God. Here are some of the beneficial ways to be at peace with being single again.

Rediscover You

Finding yourself in the single life again is a perfect chance to rediscover yourself.

After a relationship ends, many people realize they seemingly lost a bit (or a lot) of themselves. Even if the relationship was healthy and identity wasn’t sacrificed or compromised, the lessons learned in the ending of the romantic partnership begs reflection. And, in that way, it is a call to rediscover yourself with a fresh perspective and (ideally) a newly evolved soul.

Taking the time to focus on the things you love to do, pick up hobbies you may have traded in when the relationship began or beginning new ones you acquired while in it is essential for the rediscovery process. Reflecting on any lessons learned and addressing needed healing is also key, as it allows you to rediscover not merely the old you, but the new.

Reconnect With You

In addition to sacrificing or compromising identity, many people lose connection with themselves in relationships. Having some time alone helps make a reconnection possible; there are no distractions or excuses not to focus on you.

So, spend time with yourself – read a good book, practice self-care, journal your thoughts and feelings, go for long walks, etc. – and reconnect with you.

Romance You

Being single again is the perfect opportunity to date yourself. After all, the relationship with you is the most important one of all. And, for the record, it is reflected in all other relationships. So, if you want the next one to be loving, nurturing and healthy, be sure to take the alone time as an opportunity to ensure that list applies to the relationship with you have with yourself, too.

Treat and romance yourself; buy yourself flowers, take yourself out for a nice dinner, write love notes to you, etc. Do all the things you’d want to do for a significant other and desire be done for you. In other words, be your own best romantic partner, giving yourself the love you deserve and further nurturing the relationship with you.

Remember You Have You

Again, you are never alone. You’re in a world filled with spiritual beings who are connected on a soul level to you, and you always have God. But, even more so, you have you – a fact God wants you to remember, because any disconnection from self is a disconnection from Spirit.

So, if or when you find yourself single again, use the above steps to fortify the relationship with yourself. Once that is done, you’ll never be lonely again – not because you’ll never be single again, but because you have you. In that way, the experience of being alone will not equate to the feeling of loneliness. In fact, it will become an honor and a joy which you welcome as an opportunity in faith, rather than fear.

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