Hmmm…. what can I say? One day, just enjoying myself and loving a new adventure, I expanded my search on Mingle out a little farther, and now I’m dating the most wonderful man – who lives three hours away! But trust me, it’s worth it!!! To everyone out there who feels discouraged – if you don’t go out and enjoy your own self and your own life, he won’t either! No guy worth having wants to be with a girl who can’t even make her own life enjoyable and fun. Plus, it makes the time go by faster until you meet the ONE who sweeps you off your feet 🙂 and, yes, it does happen when you least expect it, but Mingle here helps the odds amazingly!

***Updated 2/7/10***
Just wanted to send you guys a great big awesome THANK YOU for your website. I was a paid subscriber for only a few weeks when I sent a wink to a handsome man. Even though I lived in Dallas and he lived in Oklahoma City, we met, fell in love, dated long distance for over a year, and just got married last week. I am so blessed to have met someone who desires a walk with God like he does, and we never would have met if it wasn’t for this awesome Christian website. Well, I guess God could have still had us meet, but I am still very grateful. Keep up the good work!

In Christ,


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