“This year’s theme – EPIC TRUTH – takes students on a journey through the clutter and noise of our culture’s barrage of competing ideologies, theories, explanations, and influences to show them the one true, EPIC TRUTH that eclipses the ocean of fictional ideas about life – Jesus Christ.” 

Over 13 bands and speakers will be a part of this year’s big event, known as Epic Truth. If you haven’t been to an Acquire the Fire event with your church before, you’ll want to tell them about it this year! These tours are a way for church youth groups and campus ministries to connect within each other and with one another through song and talk. 

Acquire the Fire is one of the most popular youth ministries in America, and for good reason. They connect students all over the globe in the name of Jesus, using college campuses as their home base.

Over 50 events are produced by Acquire the Fire every year, and the company has been in existence for over two decades now. Each event lasts for 27 hours and is a time when youth listen to music, hear inspiring talks by pastors, authors, and more Christian leaders, and generally connect in a way that isn’t normally possible for Christians.

Epic Truth will tour to over forty venues and the album that has been recently released includes many of the songs that will be performed on stage in 2014. Major Christian bands have graced the album – and will light the stage – alongside major Christian speakers.

The CD, just released this December, combines multiple musical genres: electronic, gospel, pop, and easy listening, with lots of instrumental handiwork in the mix. There are 11 tracks on the disc, including an Epic Truth intro, God Most High, EVerything Must Go, and God of Hope.

Two of the best written songs on the disc include God Most High and No One Higher, both songs that praise God outright and encourage listeners to sing along. From God Most High: “All the Earth, Everyone, Join this song that’s rising up to our Lord, to our King, Lord of All. Let the sound of our praise bring our honor to your name.” From No One Higher: “Our Father, Creator, you hold our hearts together; There’s no one higher than You. Redeemer, Defender, Our Great and Mighty Savior.”

The disc is certainly a mix of loving praise to God, songs that touch the heart and that you might even find yourself singing along to all day long. Get your church or campus ministry involved in the excitement – if you can’t go to a live event, listen to the CD as a group. Not only are the songs well-written, but they give the listener the ability to pause afterward and think about the real meaning of Christianity and the sacrifices that have been made by Christ.

Acquire the Fire events take place over the next five months, in areas from Houston, TX to San Diego, CA, to Pittsburgh, PA.

If you’re interested in seeing the tour in person, check out the organization’s website to book your tickets! Believers around the world experience the events and love the camaraderie, faithfulness, and excitement that they always seem to find there, from both the event leaders and fellow concert-goers.

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