As the saying goes, you have time for your priorities. The question is: What are your priorities? When people say they do not have time to pray or read their Bible, when they do not have time to spend with God, it means that they are giving Him their leftovers at best. It is not an honest statement to say, “I will do anything for God, even if it means sacrifice” when one will not even spend more than five minute with Him.

Jesus stepped out of eternity to spend time with His people. He sacrificed Himself so they may spend eternity with Him. He gave the Best of the Firstfruits unto the Father so we too might produce fruit unto God. Jesus not only gave of Himself; He gave Himself freely. Jesus did not go to the Father because He was in trouble; He went to Him to save us from trouble.

Mark 1:35 And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, He went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed (KJV). Our Lord rose early in the morning, even before daybreak, to meet with our Father. He did not wait until the end of the day. He gave Him the firstfruits of the day. He lived the illustrated sermon that God strengthens those who wait upon the Lord (see Isaiah 40:31). As a result, He was able to give His Best for the people. If you want to be the best person for those in your life, you need to be the best person for Him Who is your Life.

With the giving of our firstfruits unto Him comes much more fruit to offer. One reason some people have not realized victories in their life or have been slow to realize them is because they give Him their leftovers. In His presence is fullness of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is in the Secret Place that secrets are revealed. How can God impart these things if a person does not give Him the time of day? You cannot know someone’s heart without spending time with him or her. Likewise, if we do not begin with the Father, how will we expect to know His will?

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