A prayer for you today, friend …

Dear Lord,

I thank You for my sweet friend. For her heart. That no matter the trial or the season, she continues to walk out her faith in You. Ever hopeful, ever trusting.

Lord, I ask for Your blessing on her and those she loves. That You’ll strengthen her hands. Enlarge the place of her tent and stretch her tent curtains wide (Isaiah 54:2). That You’ll take her from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18). That no scheme of the enemy would distract her from Your good plans for her today.

Lord, I pray she would be a lion-chasing warrior for You (2 Samuel 23:20). That when You call her out of the boat and onto the water — she would not so much as pause, but step out, never taking her eyes off You.

Lord, I pray that even if it sounds odd to the world, that she’ll follow You at all costs. And Lord, I pray you will place a huge hedge of protection around my sister. Around her family and those she loves.

In Jesus’ Name,


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