Thank You, God, that You were everything I could not be today. Thank You for encouraging me when I felt down, for saying the words I could not say, for filling in the gaps for me in the places where I failed.

Thank You that You inhabit the space between where I am and where I need to be. Thank You for Your grace and your mercy, that where I am today is enough for You. And if it’s enough for You, well, it’s enough for everyone else too.

Thank You God that I never go through a day alone and there is no path You have not walked before me. Thank You for the strength to keep on walking. My journey is long but my reward is great.

“It is in the cushion of unfilled space” that I hear You most clearly. Let me find that space every day. Give me a greater dose of wisdom, grace, mercy for others and for myself and for understanding. And thank You for indulging my need to understand.

What a gift it is to know You, and to know that You know me.

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