I’m sure we all have friends whom we see only once in a while? They are not in our everyday circle but boy the friendship is real and every moment spent together is precious and rare. The conversation is always stimulating because these are the people whose mindsets and thought processes challenge us in a positive way. Well I had breakfast with such a friend on Saturday.

Do you know that God enjoys it when we find special moments to do once in a while break away with Him? Maybe it means going someplace a little further away from home than you would normally go? It doesn’t have to be out of town it could just be in a different suburb. The amazing thing is that we don’t even have to be talking out loud to God. We can just have a quiet cup of coffee and allow our thoughts to turn to Him and communicate with Him in a silent manner. 

When last did you break away from your normal routine just to spend some special time with God? I know it has been a short while for me so I know I must do it soon and this weekend’s breakfast was a good reminder to me of how special that can be.

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