Juan’s bright, gap-toothed smile radiates joy! His laughter echoed through the halls at our recent Wheels for the World outreach to El Salvador, where Juan was receiving his first wheelchair. But his mother Postima is more downcast. “We have a very difficult life,” she said quietly. “I can’t work or take Juan to the hospital or therapy. I used to go to church but I have become so discouraged… My husband does not want to help with Juan at all. He is threatening to leave us because it is so hard. I know God wants to show him Juan is a valuable person…. but how?” For a family like Juan’s, the gift of a wheelchair signifies much more than mobility. It’s a tangible statement that Juan is valuable to God – so valuable that He sent a miracle. “I never thought I would have a wheelchair for Juan!” said Postima. “I am so excited and thankful today. It will bring him so much comfort and improve our lives so much.” Along with Juan’s new wheelchair, your faithfulness also provided Joni’s book, Access to God. It explains the way to the Savior and tells about God’s love for disabled individuals. For Postima and her husband, it is a guidepost pointing to God’s love for Juan, just as he is. Thank you for praying on behalf of families like Juan’s. Your gifts are changing hearts, one by one, with the powerful love of Jesus.

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