(Based on Psalm 72)

Give me your judgment, O God
As a leader under your authority
Give me your righteous discernment

May I discern your people
With your eyes
And your afflicted ones
With your heart

Let my leadership bring peace to all
Who live under it
And grace to all I serve

May my rule vindicate the afflicted
Save the children of the needy
And crush the oppressor

May I come down like rain
Upon the mown grass
Like showers that water the earth

In my days, may healing and wholeness flourish
And abundance of peace
Over all my influence touches
And beyond

May the reach of my service in your name
Also be extended
And the boundary lines pushed back
From the summit of your holy mountain
To the very ends of the earth

Let the evil one bow down
And his emissaries fall on their faces before me
And lick the dust

Let my fellow leaders bring presents
And offer gifts
May they support and honor my rule
And serve with me in the unity of your name

For in my kingdom, we will
Deliver the needy when they cry for help,
The afflicted ones
And those who have no help

We will have compassion
On the poor in spirit
And those in need of grace
And we will bring your kingdom
To set their lives free

We will rescue their lives
From oppression and violence
And their hearts will be precious
in our sight

So may I live
And may the riches of other leaders
Be given to me
May they pray for me continually
May they bless me all day long

May there be abundance of provision
Both material and spiritual
Throughout all territories under my influence
And may those under my banner
Flourish like mighty oaks
Covering the earth

May my good works in heaven endure forever
May my good works on earth increase
As long as the sun shines
And may others find blessing because of me
May all who see me call me blessed

Blessed be the Lord God
The God of my leadership
Who alone works wonders
And blessed be his glorious name forever
May the whole earth be filled with his glory
So say we all
So let it be

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