When two people are in love, they can’t bear to stay away from each other too long. They call each other before going to work, then all day at work, and on the way home from work. This is the same with what a person will do, if he truly loves the Lord. He will continually seek after Him. When asked the question “Are you a God Seeker,” one who constantly and consistently follows hard after the Lord, no matter what the weather is like, when the stormy winds blow, or through the highs and lows of life, what would be your response?  The phrase sounds good, but can you without conviction of your heart take ownership of this phrase? 

A “True God Seeker” is a consistent and persistent follower of God, one who is constantly seeking after the Lord no matter what things are going on in their life. Through sickness or health, richness or poor, good times or bad times, a “True God Seeker” will pursue God at all times. Sometimes you will never see or hear from a person until they need something. Is this the kind of relationship you have with God? Can you approach the throne of God at any time without the conviction that it is the first time, for a long time since you’ve been there?

God wants His people to get to know Him. He is always available for a one on one meeting with you. But you can’t continue to stand Him up, or only show up when it’s convenient, or when you are in trouble.

Consistently and persistently follow hard after the Lord, as you do with everything else you desire after in your life. Always look for opportunities to be with Him. This is what love for another will do, it excites us into doing all we can to prevent anything from getting in the way of our “coming together.”


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