If you come to the throne trusting only in what Jesus did for you, not in anything you have done, then you will find grace in your time of need. He is not saying that you should come to the throne of grace only when you are in trouble or need. He is saying that when you come to the throne of grace regularly that you will be empowered in your times of need.

Are you going through a trial in your life? There is grace for you at the throne of grace. Are you trying to fight temptation? There is power in the blood when you come to the throne of grace.

The reason we do not go to the throne of grace regularly is because we do not comprehend the promise of the awesome power that is reserved for those who tarry in His presence. We do not understand the abundance of grace that can be poured upon us from the throne of grace when we approach Him in confidence.

May the Lord renew our minds to understand this great truth so that we will approach the throne of grace regularly to help us when the time of need arises!

Prayer: Father, I pray that I would not just come to Your throne of grace when I’m going through a difficult time, but that I would consistently come before Your throne of grace that I might receive the abundance of grace You wish to pour out on me. Thank You Jesus! Amen.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.2 Peter 1:2

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