Decorating Easter eggs creates fun memories for the whole family and gives everyone a chance to express their creativity. The eggs represent new life and renewal, and the colors bring to mind the brightest hues of springtime. It is such an uplifting experience.

You can decorate with an egg decorating kit, or tap into any number of creative ideas. Remember, most of these recipes call for the use of hard-boiled eggs that have been cooled down! Here are some favorites.

1. Rubber Band Eggs

Wrap eggs with several rubber bands before dyeing them in various colors. To get a few different shades on each egg, remove one or more of the rubber bands before putting the egg back into a different color of dye.

2. Sponge Eggs

Brush color onto eggs with acrylic paint. After the eggs are dry, create patterns by using a sponge to dab white paint on them.

3. Glitter Eggs

Brush color onto eggs with acrylic paint. After the eggs are dry, create patterns by using a sponge to dab white paint on them.

4. Mosaic Eggs

Glue tiny pasta, rice, and/or beads on eggs until each one is completely covered. After the glue has dried, you can color the eggs by painting the pasta and rice.

5. Postage Stamp Eggs

Glue used postage stamps onto the eggs. If the stamps are still stuck to an envelope, cut around the stamp and soak it in warm water for 15 minutes.  The stamp should then peel off from the envelope. Make sure the stamp is completely dry before using it to decoupage eggs.

6. Ribbon Eggs

Stick double-sided tape on eggs and then attach different strips of ribbons or rickrack to form any pattern you want. Ribbons also look really good on eggs that have already been dyed.

7. Sticker Eggs

If you don’t want the mess of dyeing eggs, you can simply use colorful markers and adhesive stickers to make your own swirls and patterns on each egg.

8. Crayon Eggs

After you have boiled eggs, let them cool for a few minutes. While they are still warm, color the eggs with crayons. The heat of the eggs will melt the wax, making fun designs.

9. Marbled Eggs

Wrap fresh, raw eggs separately in onion skins.  Insert the wrapped eggs into old pantyhose legs.  Tie the ends of the pantyhose so each egg can’t escape.   Place the eggs into a deep pot. Cover the eggs with water until the water is 1″ or more above the eggs. Heat the pot until the water is boiling, then remove from heat.  Cover the pot and let it rest about 24 minutes. Then, place the eggs in a bowl with cold water to prevent further cooking.  Remove the pantyhose to reveal caramel-colored, marbled eggs.

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