Believe it or not, being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean moping around like a sad, depressed teenager! In fact, being single during this time of year can actually be pretty fun and exciting. Like all of God’s gifts, this time is meant to be enjoyed and used wisely. To remind you of how amazing your single status can actually be, we’re sharing seven reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day actually rocks!


1. There’s No Corny Presents to Buy


While roses may be nice, being single on Valentine’s Day means you won’t have to shell out half your paycheck for a huge bouquet or corny stuffed animal. Nope, you are free to spend that money on a nice gift for yourself. Perhaps a new set of golf clubs or a manicure is in order!


2. You Won’t Have to Awkwardly Say Thanks


We’ve all received terrible presents at some point in our lives. Maybe it was an ugly tie with a Cupid on it, or bright red tights with hearts running up and down them. When you’re single on VDay, you don’t have to worry about pretending to like the awkward gift your significant other has just given you.


3. There’s No Annoying Demands


Being single means you don’t have to worry about how you will spend the evening of February 14th. No need to check in with your significant other because your entire evening is up to you! You can hang out with friends, work out at the gym, or take yourself on a romantic date for one! Anything is possible.


4. You Can Bond With Your Friends


Friends are vital to living a happy, healthy life. That’s why it’s important to create meaningful friendships and enrich the existing ones in your life. And what better time to do this than on Valentine’s Day when you and your pals may (or may not) need each other more than ever.


5. You Can Treat Yourself


Why not use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to treat yourself? Take yourself to a spa for a soothing massage, or head to the mall for a mini-shopping spree. Bet your coupled up friends would much rather be doing that than going out for the typical Valentine’s Day dinner date.


6. You Can Share God’s Love


While Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, it can also be about sharing God’s love! This February 14th, go ahead and focus on love – just focus on spreading the Lord’s message and sharing biblical love with all those around you! You are sure to fill your heart with love and peace, no matter if you are single or coupled up!


7. You Can Meet Someone New


The winter months are the perfect time to get online and get excited about meeting someone new. This is one of the busiest times of the year for online dating sites because Valentine’s Day often reminds singles there is nothing better than being with someone you truly care about. So, take pride in your single status and use that excitement to help you meet someone new on a dating site like


Being single doesn’t have to be depressing, and the more satisfied you are with your single status, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. “The One” is out there waiting for you – you just need to let Cupid aim his arrow!

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