She shall bring forth a son. You shall call his name Jesus, for it is he who shall save his people from their sins. —Matthew 1:21

Christmas, one of the most festive times of the year, is all about love and family. Holidays are popular for tradition and many traditions are passed down from generation to generation. But when you find yourself ready to make new traditions, consider some of the following.

Bring an Unsaved Friend to Sunday Morning Christmas Service

This could be the only formal introduction to Christ in a church setting that someone in your sphere of influence will ever have. Invite them to church and answer any of their questions they have about a relationship with Jesus, which is really what this season is all about. Be open to inviting them to celebrate with you in the day as you celebrate Jesus’ birth. You can invite someone new who is open to the Gospel every year.

Tour Neighborhood Christmas Lights 

A common tradition for Christmas is decorating with Christmas lights. Why not pack up the family, grab some hot chocolate and munchies and tour your neighborhood to look at all the Christmas decorations? Some communities sync up their houses to create a plethora of Christmas lights and decorations that are in harmony. Seek out the neighborhoods that purposefully set up for the masses and look forward to a Christmas lights tour every year.

Bake for Your Neighbors 

Spend a day or two in the kitchen as a family whipping up home baked goodies to distribute to your neighbors, the elderly, or those who are too ill to cook for themselves. Not a pastry chef? Cook up some homemade soup, pasta dishes or salads. Often times, home cooking is a luxury some people are unable to partake in. Spread Christmas cheer by spreading delicious goodies. Each year your family can come up with something different.

Christmas Breakfast, Brunch or Dinner 

Nothing beats the smell of delicious foods coming from the kitchen on Christmas morning. Whether you are partial to breakfast, brunch or dinner, gathering the family together to celebrate the birth of Jesus with homemade food is a surefire way to create memories. Make it a real tradition you can look forward to every year by making dishes you only have at Christmas. Include the whole family in the meal planning and encourage everyone to help in the cooking. Or make Christmas the time to try new dishes, with ingredients you have never had before.


In the true spirit of Christmas, there is nothing more honorable than giving your time to others. Take part of your Christmas day and lend a hand where it is needed. You may have to plan in advance as some places, such as soup kitchens or homeless shelters, may have already lined up for the holidays. Make it a tradition every year by bringing your whole family to help serve others who may not have a family of their own.

Play Games 

What would the holidays be without some good, old fashioned fun? Whether you whoop it up as the crux of your day or use it as downtime, playing games with the family is a fun, relaxing way to not only celebrate the day, but to spend quality time together. Each year let a family member pick the game or pick your favorite game you can all enjoy year after year.

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