Remember the first time you met your significant other? Can you recall how you felt the first time you spoke on the phone, had your first kiss or spent your first night together? How long has it been since you last felt that way?

In relationships, it’s easy to become complacent over time. We forget, or rather neglect, to put the effort in that we once did. Following these five simple steps will help reignite that spark you once had, making it easier to maintain a healthy and thriving relationship.

1. Remember The Little Things

Saying a simple “thank you” takes moments of your time but has a phenomenal lasting effect. Without this acknowledgement, a partner can quickly start to feel unappreciated. So make sure you take time to recognize the little things they do for you, whether it’s taking out the trash, making you coffee every morning or always listening when you need to vent about work. Those are all things that your partner is doing to support and love you, so make sure they know you aren’t taking them or granted by expressing your gratitude.

2. Give Unexpected Gifts

We are surrounded by holidays that remind us to buy something for our significant other. But a bouquet of flowers means more when it’s done spontaneously rather than due to obligation. Try bringing your significant other something on a random Tuesday “just because” and watch as their eyes light up. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It could be a favorite candy bar, a handmade card or even just some wildflowers placed in a vase. A small gesture like this means so much, especially when it’s done just to make your loved one happy.

3. Take Over The Chores

It may not sound very romantic, but for those who have a hectic daily schedule, coming home to a clean space can be one of the best ways to spark joy. Give your partner a “day off” and tell them to go do something fun for the day. While they’re gone, take care of all those pesky household chores that have been building up. When your spouse gets home, you two can relax and enjoy some quality time together rather than stressing about household tasks.

4. Maintain Your Personal Appearance

While we can’t be expected to replicate what we looked like in our 20s, there’s a difference between aging and “letting yourself go.” Taking time to care for your appearance is one way to show your partner you care about your relationship. You don’t have to get plastic surgery, but you can stick to good hygiene habits, choose flattering clothes and strive to remain fit. A bonus side effect is that these steps also boost your confidence, which is great for maintaining a healthy relationship.

5. Keep Your Romantic Life Exciting

Over time, your love life may become repetitive. That includes everything from your dates to the most intimate moments. But it’s never too late to mix things up! Trying new things together (both in and out of the bedroom) is a great way to strengthen your bond and help your love life thrive.

Are you ready to get your spark back? Try some of these simple steps to reignite your love life with your one and only.

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