If you’re single and feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, take solace in knowing that you don’t have to be alone! In fact, this is one of the best times of year to meet someone new. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to join an online dating site. That means singles across the country are taking their search for love seriously and going online to do something about it! If you’re ready to finally meet “The One,” here are five fun ways to help you find your Christian Valentine.

1. Join a Gym

Gyms are overflowing with singles this time of year who are looking to stay in shape over the long, cold winter months. Why not join a gym near you and see if any of the other athletic-minded members pique your interest? You can also join a yoga or kickboxing class and see if you bond with someone fun over your love for fitness.

2. Hang Out with Old Friends

Make plans to hang out with some of your old friends you don’t see anymore. Not only will you be catching up with your dearest amigos, but you will be checking in to see if they have any new friends who would make a good match for you! The best relationships are often sparked thanks to a “friend of a friend.” Reach out and ask them if they know anyone who may make a good match for you!

3.  Join an Online Dating Site

Like we noted earlier in the article, February is one of the best times of the year to meet someone new. Between all the New Year’s resolutions to find love and the desire for many singles to find a date for Valentine’s Day, there is no better time to get serious about meeting your match. Choose a site that caters to your lifestyle specifically. ChristianMingle.com is a great choice for Christian singles.

4.  Join a Bible Study

There’s no better place than the Lord’s house to find your mate. If you’re looking for love and feel like you just keep coming up empty, join a Bible study for singles to see if you meet someone who sparks your interest. Even if you don’t meet someone special, you will definitely be making a ton of new friends (and one of those new friends may just wind up introducing you to your soul mate)!

5. Take Up a New Hobby

Been dying to try a dance class? Yearning to tap into your creative side? Finally ready to take that creative writing course? Strike up a new hobby and see if you meet someone new who has similar interests. Not only will you be getting closer to meeting “The One,” but you will be finding fulfillment in your own life as well! We’re all about multitasking.

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