Corn beef and cabbage may be a traditional St. Patty’s Day meal, and you’re even entitled to love it; especially if you’re Irish! But let’s face it—the odor-laden delicacy has been way overdone and is definitely not the most romantic food to eat with your sweetheart, is it?

Why not try one of these five amazing St. Patrick’s Day date ideas that get you thinking outside the cabbage patch?

Sweet Treats and Savory Sippers

Working together in the kitchen to whip up some St. Patrick’s Day treats can be a lot of fun. You can bake sugar cookies shaped like shamrocks, vanilla cupcakes with green frosting, mint chocolate brownies and more. is a great online resource for all kinds of delicious St. Patty’s treat ideas.

And, if you want to sip some tasty non-alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day beverages, try making your own version of a shamrock shake with vanilla ice cream, milk, peppermint extract and green food coloring. One general recipe found on suggests 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, ¾ cup milk and ¾ teaspoon peppermint extract, blended together with 8 drops of green food coloring.

You could also put your own spin on a “green” shake using mint chip ice cream, garnished with crushed Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Or, if you prefer a hot beverage, offers an extensive list of non-alcoholic Irish coffee recipes.

Enjoying the fruits of your labor together will put the icing on the finished St. Patty’s day cake!

Celtic Singing and Dancing

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular time for Celtic singers and dancers (cloggers) to perform. Check the community section in your local newspaper or do a quick Google search to find Irish singers, dancers or plays near you and plan to attend the event with your sweetheart. Another artsy alternative would be signing yourself and your honey up for a clogging lesson or two. Move over Michael Flatley, the two of you just might headline the next “Riverdance” in your area!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Festival

Most states host St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivals in several cities. Another quick Google search should yield the fun-filled Irish extravaganza nearest you. Most parades and festivals feature cultural entertainment and attractions like Irish music, leprechaun races, singing contests and more. So put on your grandest green attire and blend in with the crowd for a memorable afternoon. If time and finances permit, you could plan a trip to one of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day parade locations in Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and Savannah, Georgia, to name a few.

Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a fun, romantic activity. You can put a St. Patrick’s Day spin on it by leaving clues on four-leaf clover post-it notes, (or make your own from green construction paper) and lead your special someone to the lucky pot o’gold at the end of the clover trail where a basket of goodies, a pair of tickets to a concert or sporting event, a mix-CD of your favorite love songs, or a handwritten poem or love letter awaits. If you’re really crafty and clever, you can make each clue a limerick. (Check for guidelines).

For example:

Follow the clues in this story
To end up in full Irish glory
So look high and low
And wherever you go
Know that I’ve been there before ye!

And, for an extra-special touch, place a green carnation with each clue. You can make this as simple or extravagant as you want by planting clues all over the house, or by leading your sweetheart around town via car, bike or on foot. The more creative you get, the more memorable the adventure will be!

Irish Movie Night

It’s always nice to share a cozy night at home and you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a pot of homemade Irish stew for the main course (consult your favorite cookbook, recipe site or tap into your Irish grandma’s secret recipe vault to find your favorite recipe) and then settle in to watch some romantic Irish movies (all for adults). Circle of Friends (PG-13 sexual content), Far and Away (PG-13 some violence and sensuality), My Left Foot (R for intense thematic material, language and brief violence) and the John Wayne/Maureen O’Hara 1952 classic The Quiet Man (NR) are some excellent choices that may make you laugh and cry. Consult for a great green popcorn and pretzel snack mix recipe to munch on during the film.

What are some unique St. Patrick’s Day dates you’ve been on? 

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