I joined ChristianMingle in June of 2011.  One July evening as I was exploring the site, I received an invitation to chat from Makenzy20002000.  I quickly took a sneak peak at his profile, and decided to accept his offer.  We chatted online that night and several for nights thereafter, each time growing fonder of each other. About two weeks after we begin chatting, I finally agreed to speak on phone with him as he had been persistently asking to exchange phone numbers after every conversation. My feelings for Makenzy continued to grow, but I was scared. I was extremely reluctant to pursue a relationship with him. After a stream of bad decisions and dead-end relationships, one can become fearful.

I was still hesitant about the whole process, but with a lot of encouragement from my two sisters, I decided to just let GOD lead me.  After two months of chatting online, exchanging pictures, and talking on the phone, it was time for the real deal; it was time to meet Makenzy20002000, rather Eric, in person.  We met in person on September 12, 2011.  I will never forget that day.  We met for lunch and spoke for hours.  He was beautiful on both the inside and out.  It felt as though I had known him for years, and our connection was out of this world.

To make a long story short, Eric and I began officially dating in September of 2011, and have been inseparable ever since.  I fell so deeply in love with him that it is hard to imagine what my life was like before him.  Eric proposed on Christmas Day of 2012, and we are in the process of planning our wedding.  GOD willing, Eric and I will be exchanging wedding vows in Brooklyn on April 11, 2014.  I have never been happier and thank GOD everyday for bringing Eric into my life.

We have since become endorsers for ChristianMingle, and have referred many of our Christian friends, colleagues, and family members to the site.  I have always said, “It is easy to find someone to date, but not as easy to find your perfect mate.” However, ChristianMingle has made the latter so much more attainable.  I thank you ChristianMingle, and wish nothing but GOD’s richest blessings for you and all of your members.

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