I joined ChristianMingle just for the fun it, but never thought that I would meet someone online. Ryan joined because there weren’t any single Christian women in his town. I first came across his profile in January of 2011, while going through the “Think You’d Click?” feature. After looking at his pictures and reading his profile where he described himself as a “born-again believer,” I sent him a quick little message saying, “I was going through the “think you’d click” section and stopped at your profile. I like what you’ve got on there. Especially the part about movies :D I’m a big movie watcher myself! Write me back if you want to talk.” Two days later, Ryan responded and we began sending each other lengthy emails and IM’ing on the website. Not too long after that, we began talking on the phone and Skype every day.

In March of 2011, we met in person for the first time while I was on spring break from college. He came to my parent’s house because of how comfortable we already were with each other. The minute he stepped out of his Jeep, I knew he was the one. He asked my dad if he could date me, and after a lengthy meeting, my dad agreed to Ryan and me dating. While Ryan was visiting, we learned an interesting fact; my parents went on an anniversary trip and ended up staying at a Bed and Breakfast owned by Ryan’s dad!

In July of 2011, Ryan made the decision to end our relationship and we went our separate ways. I was broken-hearted and prayed for God to either remove the love that I had for Ryan, or to bring him back to me. God decided to bring him back to me. In September of 2011, Ryan called and told me what was happening, and that he was sorry and wanted to mend things and pursue a relationship with me.

The entire time we dated, we were at least three hours apart. I lived in Pennsylvania and Ryan lived in New York. In February of 2012, Ryan made a big move, and left New York to pursue a job with TSA in Denver, Colorado. I was so scared that I’d never see him again and began searching for jobs in that area to be near him. God provided with a live-in nanny position and I moved to Denver in June of 2012. Unfortunately, my nanny job didn’t work out. Since we were going to follow God’s commands to not live together until we got married, a decision had to be made. Ryan told my dad that we either needed to get married, or I needed to move back to Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, Ryan got on one knee at a Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rockies baseball game and asked me to be his wife. The following Wednesday, on July 18, 2012, we became man and wife at a small courthouse ceremony. God worked out all of the details and allowed me to find a dress the morning of the ceremony, and even provided a friend to take pictures of our special day! We’ve now been married for one year and seven months! God has done so much in our lives and we’re so thankful for ChristianMingle for bringing us together. I don’t know that we would have met without God and the help of ChristianMingle. 

Since we got married, God has had us on an adventure. We’ve moved to New Jersey for Ryan’s job. The entire time we’ve been married, Ryan has also been pursuing a seminary degree and was able to attend Denver Seminary while we lived there. Since we’ve moved to New Jersey, Ryan has been working to complete his degree online with Liberty University and God has provided for us to be able to move to Virginia this fall, and Ryan will continue to pursue his M.Div fulltime on campus.

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