ChristianMingle Is New and Improved!


We’ve implemented a new design that includes some enhancements and new features all focused on making your experience easier, streamlined, and more engaging.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • We’ve simplified the messaging experience by combining our email and chat functions into one streamlined messaging tool that includes read receipts and photo sharing.
  •  We’ve expanded the popular “Like” feature from Secret Admirer (now called “LookBook”) and integrated it throughout the experience. Because we only alert the other party if you both like each other, it’s a great way to see if there is interest before sending a message!
  • When you browse through profiles you’ll experience a more engaging, contemporary interface designed to uncover key profile details more quickly.
  • We’ve introduced a powerful new premium feature called Messaging+TM

As part of a Premium Plan with Messaging+TM you’ll get:

  • The ability to contact any member on ChristianMingle regardless of their subscription status.
  • The ability to send unlimited messages.
  • A badge on your profile highlighting your Messaging+ status to all ChristianMingle users.

No need to worry, we have imported your existing profile information, activity lists and preferences onto the new platform. Given the new formatting, you may want to view your profile and make edits or add new info (like college) to your profile.

At ChristianMingle we truly value our members and hope you enjoy our new look!


  1. I have not had any luck using the app in the last couple of days. It says it is temporarily unavailable.

  2. The new improvements will not let me log back in.
    Will not rest my password.
    It’s stick on my Facebook email that I don’t want to use.
    I have now two profiles, the original one and the Facebook one( I do not want2yhe fb one ).
    Now my old profile has posted my profile picture thats on my fb.
    HELP this is a mess

    1. I hate this new app! It keeps wanting me to subscribe again to read messages. Either fix it or give me my money back. Humbly submitted,
      Gene G

  3. I am still in the dark.
    How do I get connected?
    I am paying for this, but unable to use it.
    PLEASE help and explain.
    Thank you. 🙂

  4. PLEASE e-mail me and tell me how to get reconnected.

    Thank you.

  5. I can’t wait to mingle with people on the same level and beliefs as i do!

  6. While the new features are great, the site now seems like a cleaner version of tinder… all the Christianity has been removed. The profile is so limited, there aren’t even any essays! Sorry to say I prefer a dating site that has actual profiles, meant for serious relationships.

  7. How would I find out if a person I met on your site is a real and good person or a fake?

  8. I just saw this redesigned website and I can tell you that I DO NOT like it at all. I don’t believe it is user friendly. Please bring back the other site or more members will go away to another site.

  9. The new website looks like a hook up/easy connection type of ,matching. The first feature and only we can see is a picture of the profile. No essay or headline visible. This is so sad to see that the narrative that was the only feature that could speak for the profile and even convey a perception of their personality and /or faith is GONE. All the Christian aspects are gone. Terrible mistake. Will not renew . Where are the other option available with concurrence now?

    1. Totally agree with many comments. The new site design looks more like Tinder or a dating/hookup site than a Christian site. I will not be renewing my membership when it expires. I hardly even look at the site anymore.

  10. I do not like this New look or format. Please bring back the old one. This is not user friendly and I am not able to see who is online by distance. I will not sign up again for this site, sorry but I am very disappointed

  11. Sadly I am very confused with these new changes/upgrades. This is the only site that o was comfortable paying for a membership that I now feel was a complete waste. I am disheartened as I do not see any benefits as a member and I will definitely not be renewing.

  12. I very much prefer the old user interface. Additionally, I have a small fraction of people I used to have access to now, even with my preferences pretty wide-open. I feel like something got blocked with the switch. I’ve been in touch with customer service a lot and it doesn’t help the problem, unfortunately.

  13. I understand upgrades and can live with those. I also understand people’s complaints, especially if they are paying for this site. I’m considering paying for it also. However, now that the option about the persons dating preference is off, I’m not sure anymore. It saves ao much time/rejection as I’m going through profiles to see if they are attracted to my race or not. My suggestion is to again add this.

  14. I have written directly to CM about the many deficiencies of this redesigned site. EXTREMELY disappointed in this design and I see most other comments reflect this as well. Some specific problems :
    》no ability to search by body type (a thousand bucks says this criterion is in top 3-4 for both male & female)
    》descriptive text appears over member main photo
    》Online results are random and cannot be organized in any logical way
    》inability to limit Online search by distance
    》Inability to search by ‘last online ‘ # of days so results include people that have not been on in so long they are probably no longer members
    》staggered results (spacing appears to be dictated by amount of text in member’s profile ) are totally confounding and appear disorganized.

    I could go on but…why?
    If CM does not correct and add critical, user-friendly features their members will quickly abandon this site. I am one of them because I will not renew my subscription with the current site design. CM should immediately relaunch the old design and add incremental improvements based on user research. The new design was based on a flawed understanding of user needs, IMHO.

    1. New site design is totally unusable. Will be cancelling my subscription. I agree with everything Justin pointed out above. It’s mind boggling how you could roll out a redesign so terrible and unusable

  15. Dnt care for the upgrade…will not b renewing…this upgrade dosent allow you to read profile….thete are different views of what a Christian is.

  16. The redesign is terrible. I see a dozen profiles now, before I could see hundreds even thousands. The profiles suck. No content, nothing. Christian Tinder. Will be cancelling soon if this does not change back. Encourage everyone to do the same.

  17. Just canceled my account. Unbelievable how terrible this redesign is. Its completely unusable. The fact that the web team thought this was ready to go live is mind-boggling.

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