There are so many things you can do and/or give your loved for Valentine’s Day, but for an outrageous celebration of your love, do all of them!

1. Send a Valentine 

Using the good ‘ol postal service, send your loved one a Valentine card in the mail not only asking if she will be your Valentine, but also requesting a date for Feb. 14. If you plan enough time in advance, you can enclose a response note they can check off and send back to you. Be sure to include return postage.

2. Send Flowers 

Send a bouquet from a florist to your Valentine’s place of employment, or drop off a bunch when you know your sweetie will not be there. Leave a note saying the flowers are from a secret admirer.

3. Give Kisses 

Leave a small bag or box full of Hershey Kisses on their door step with a note that says, “Kisses for you.”

4. Box of Compliments 

Buy a box of chocolates, take out the candy, but leave the brown wrappers. Write a favorite Bible verse, memory or some trait that you appreciate about your honey for each of the empty wrappers. Fold the notes up and place one in each wrapper. Close the box up and deliver. Added points if you also deliver with the candy.

5. Play Your Song 

Find a CD with a shared favorite song. Sneak it into your honey’s car, place the CD into the player and set it play the song when he or she starts the car up.

6. Floating Poem 

Find a short poem that expresses your love for him/her. Print it out and cut out the words separately. Stuff each word separately into a red or pink balloon and blow the balloon up. Deliver the balloons to your Valentine’s home, car or workplace with instructions to pop each of them and retrieve the notes inside. You can put the poem back together on Feb. 14.

7. Picnic Dinner

Pack up the car with a card table, two chairs, white tablecloth, long stem candles, matches, silverware, plates, glasses, sparkling beverage, napkins and a meal that you have prepared ahead of time or picked up at the deli. Set the table up out at a nearby park. If you can pack up a violin player, so much the better. Live in a colder clime? Have a fireside picnic in the living room with just the two of you.

8. A Romantic Flick without the Crowds

If you have access to a DVD projector, snag it and set it up either outside or inside, depending on the weather. Use a white bed sheet as a screen. Set up the viewing area with a blanket, pillows, popcorn, sodas and theater candy. Find a fun romantic comedy and you’re good to go.

9. Decorate with Hearts 

Find a bunch of colored paper in red, pink and white and go crazy. Cut out hearts of every shape and size. Decorate your loved one’s desk, car bedroom.

10. Write a Love Note 

Purchase an inexpensive puzzle. Open it up and put together the puzzle upside down. When all together, write a love note on the back of the puzzle. Take the puzzle apart, put the pieces back in the box and deliver to a loved one.

11. Give a Fuzzy Friend

Find something cute and cuddly and then take pictures of the animal in different locations – the coffee shop, the mall, church, etc. Then, email copies of the photos to him/her once a day. On the last day, send a note on where your honey can find her new friend.

12. The Gift of Java

Purchase a cup of your sweetie’s favorite Joe and deliver in person at his workplace or buy him a coffee card with a note that says that you “love him a latte.”

13. Stroll the Sandy Shores

Put together some fun trinkets and snacks. Pack in a wooden box and bury the box in the sand at a local beach. Draw out a treasure map. Drive your Valentine to the beach, hand her the map and the shovel.

14. Fondue for Two

Before he or she comes over, prepare a plate full of sliced fruit, marshmallows, pound cake squares and whatever else sounds good. Melt chocolate chips with a bit of butter in two small bowls and melt in microwave. Serve with skewers.

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