Recovering from something as big as a divorce or a major breakup can be a challenge, but staying positive can give you the opportunity to start fresh.

Staying positive might seem impossible at first, especially as you consider getting back into the dating scene. But focusing on the negative aspects of the breakup will only drive you crazy and prevent you from getting back to the fun in your life. Try these 10 easy ways to stay positive after a breakup or divorce:

  1. Write down things you’re grateful for. Once a day, take time out of your day to write down five things you’re grateful for. They can be large or small, but the positive effects on your psyche will be powerful no matter what.
  2. Focus on the stable aspects of your life. Think of your current friends and family and try to pay attention to the most stable parts of your life.
  3. Accept your emotions rather than burying them. Don’t let your emotions take over; instead let them come and try to simply acknowledge and accept them. You’ll find peace much faster.
  4. Take time to grieve. Don’t pretend the divorce didn’t bother you. Take time to grieve and walk away from it more composed.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Find hobbies and activities that you truly enjoy and engage in them during this time.
  6. Take support when you can. When someone offers support, take it and appreciate it.
  7. Organize your life. Inventory what you can and organize everything from your finances to your bookshelf.
  8. Start exercising. Get yourself in better shape; it will do wonders for your confidence.
  9. Start meditating. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just a few minutes of self-reflection at the beginning or end of the day can have a huge impact.
  10. Journal. Write down your feelings and thoughts somewhere private.

Going through a big breakup isn’t easy, but if you keep a positive frame of mind, you’ll enjoy yourself through this next phase of your life.

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